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                As we all have seen, the bronze bell appeared as early as the primitive society. It is a simple musical instrument. With the beginning of bronze culture, bronze bells appeared in Shang and Zhou Dynasties. With the development of human society, people's understanding of scale and rhythm is becoming more and more perfect. As an instrument, the production of copper bells is becoming more and more sophisticated. The family of bells gradually develops the types of holes, holes, handcuffs and bells. Their outstanding representatives combine several flat bells with different vibration frequencies to make beautiful bells.



                Copper bells are of great value. First of all, copper bells have valuable and rich historical materials. Ancient foundry bells, in addition to carving some patterns, there are words or auspicious terms, or documentary records. Therefore, the ancient bronze not only provides valuable and rich historical materials in the history of the development of characters, but also in the study of ancient society, politics, ideology, literature and other aspects. At the same time, it reflects the superb technology of our ancient people.


                Once again, China is the birthplace of the bronze bell. It is an important part of Chinese copper culture. It is the quintessence of ancient Chinese craft and technology, representing the high level of technology such as casting, acoustics, mechanics and so on. It is also a valuable material for studying traditional Chinese technology.