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                Like the tripod, the bell is also the symbol of the ruling class's kingship. The bell rings and the tripod eats is the symbol of power and status. There are strict rules of etiquette and music for hanging bells: Tian uterus hanging (four sides hanging bell), Zhu Xuan hanging (three sides hanging bell), Qing doctor hanging (two sides hanging bell), and Stephen hanging (one side hanging bell). Feudal rulers cast giant copper bells to symbolize the monarchy. These bells are also called "Chao Zhong". They must be used to gather crowds when they look at the Dynasty and leave the office. Zhong is also the symbol of noble, just and wise Chinese civilization in people's minds. The great patriotic poet Quyuan's poem "Huang Zhong abandoned, Wa Ke thundering" is a reflection of this symbol. Since the Tang Dynasty, the feudal rulers of all dynasties have competed to cast various bells of the court, Buddha, Tao and music, and the bigger the bells are, in order to achieve the purpose of consolidating their rule by demonstrating their status of theocracy and regime. In Yongle period of Ming Dynasty, the huge copper bell, which weighed tens of tons, reached the peak of its height in both casting technology and volume weight.