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                As the saying goes, "Monks hit the bell on the same day", no matter what it means, there are two clear messages: one is that a decent monastery will have a bell; the other is that a monk will hit the bell. Not only that, but also the temple bells are full of poetry and Zen. The well-known poem "moonset crows frost all over the sky, the river Maple fishing fire on the sad sleep. At the Hanshan Temple outside Gusu City, the clock strikes the passenger ship at midnight. Write the bells of the monastery meaningfully and make people daydream! But are the bells in the temple the same? What is the bell length of a foreign monastery? How big will the biggest clock be? How did the clock come out? I believe many friends will be as confused or not very clear as I am.


                Recently, I wandered around Beijing and suddenly found a place named "Dazhong Temple". I thought it should be named for the temple. As soon as I inquired, it was indeed Dazhong Temple, so I went away with admiration. See its temple, and now is the only clock Museum in China. Dazhong Temple is located on the north side of Lenovo East Bridge in downtown Beijing. It is now an ancient clock museum. The original name of Dazhong Temple is also called "Juesheng Temple". It is said that there is a big bell in the bell tower inside the temple. The bell is 43 tons and a half (87 kilograms), which is called "Beijing Bell King". Such a big bell must have a bright future. It is rumored that after Zhu Di, the Yan King of the Ming Dynasty, became emperor, he was always afraid that someone would overthrow his throne. In order to eliminate the resistance among the people, Yao Guangxiao, a military division, sent Yao Guangxiao to collect weapons such as knives and guns from the people, and cast the big bell. It was engraved with all the classics of Huayan, believing that the people would no longer resist when they heard the bell. He. Later, somehow, the bell sank to the bottom of the Changhe River in front of the Wanshou Temple outside Xizhimen (now the river behind the zoo and Exhibition hall). In the Qing Dynasty, the emperor ordered people to pull out the bell, move it to Chuehsheng Temple, and build a bell tower to hang the bell. After the craftsmen leveled the ground, dug trenches, drained water and frozen, the clock skated on the ice and moved to the Chueh Seng Temple. Later generations called Dazhong Temple in Shunkou, but Chueheng Temple was forgotten.